Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another year goes by

I just looked at my blog again, and wow, how did the time go by so quick.  I read some old posts, and realized how fun it was to see my life years ago.  See, I did do some journaling.  I have been thinking lately that I should really be journaling things, but then I remembered that I did.  Now the key is to just stay up on it.  Plus Spencer's phone got locked out, so I was trying to remember an old google account, and then remembered my blog account was different than the one I use now, so I had to look here to jog my memory.  Anyway, maybe I will try to keep up with the blog. :) Even if it is just for me.
Oh yeah, and this big boy just turned 14!  I took him out to dinner, and it was pretty funny since all he could talk about was how cute our waitress was.  Haha
And since I am focusing on Dylan today, he made Honor Roll for the first time this year!  Yay, go Dylan.

Ok, and I just looked at the last post again, it was actually almost 2 years ago..*sigh*