Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Lights and Red Lights

I seem to be in my car a good portion of the day it seems like, and I have realized that there is something fishy going on. Every single time I am running late, I have to stop at each red light. And I just get later and later. But the times when I have extra time, and I want to stop at the lights to eat something, like cereal or a salad, I never have to stop or the light turns green right away. Why is that?

On a different topic, I saw Dylan's teacher at Costco tonight, and she commented on how well he has been doing in school. With a week like last week, it was nice to hear something nice about one of my kids. (and then tonight, he actually spent a good deal of time memorizing his poem for there hope that he might actually be responsible?)

Finally, there is this girl in Spencer's class that he really likes. Well, today after school another girl came up to him and said that the other girl just likes him as a friend. I know he was trying to act like it didn't matter, but he talks about her all the time, and I could just feel his heart breaking. Not that I am encouraging any kind of romance for 8 year olds by any means, but...I felt sad for him. I am sure only the beginning of heart aches to come. I am totally not ready for these kind of things.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


October, that is the last time I have blogged. I just don't think I am cut out for this blogging stuff. It seems like every other time I blog, I say how it has been so long since I have blogged. Well, I got tired of seeing the same post every time that I went to look at my blog list of other bloggers, so I figured that I should write something. I can't put pictures on, because they are on my phone, and our computer has major problems so I pulled out our old old laptop that is missing half the keys and only has like 4 gig left of space. Which used to be a lot, but now you download two programs and there goes any empty space. So needless to say I can get online, but I can't do anything too fancy.

For those that I don't regularly talk to, here are some highlights of the last few months.

-All 3 boys just ended Basketball. I love this sport because there is one practice, (which they all happened to be on Friday Afternoons) and one 1 hour game. Lovely.
-Brooke took a tap class and had a little performance in December.
-The Holidays were great, and we got a visit from Grammy
-Spencer just started Baseball, and is loving it.
-Brooke just started gymnastics and loves it!
-I am still loving being the Primary President. It brings joy and goodness into my life.
-I have two official boy scouts, one cub scout, and one daisy scout. And Chad is the Boy Scout Commitee Chair (I think that is the title). Anyway, we definitely have a lot of scouting going on over here.
-I am still teaching preschool to the sweetest little group of kids I have ever had. They really are the best behaved kids. And they are adorable.
-Chad is still working out of town every week at Chevron. He loves this job! We miss seeing him every night, but he usually doesn't work on Fridays so it is good to have him around an extra day each week.
-I have fallen in love with Pinterest. What a wonderful place to get the best ideas!
-My brother Dan and his wife just had their third baby!
-My sister Ariel is due in a little over a month with a little boy!
-My sister in law Britty is expecting pretty soon also!
(wow, all this talk of babies is making me jealous)

So there are some updates. Life is busy but really good. I have had my share of challenges lately, but with good friends and the gospel in my life, I feel like I have been able to keep things in perspective and keep on going. I know that things happen for a reason, even if it is to just teach us to have empathy when others are going through the same thing, but sometimes we learn the most by going through challenges.

p.s. The picture above is where I wish I was right now...just for a couple of days. On second thought maybe more like a month.