Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunkist Skin

Dylanism for the week:

So you know that Katy Pery song that goes "sun kissed skin so hot it melts your popsicle" Well, the other day Dylan was getting something out of the fridge and saw some Sunkist Orange Soda. Then he said to me "Mom I want to do an experiment. I want to see if you pour sunkist soda on your skin and then hold a popsicle up to it, if it would actually melt the popsicle... Ahhh the innocence of youth.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Grade Takedown

So I am still trying to figure out how to feel about the following story. Spencer came home from school and told me this...

Spencer: "Mom, today I got in a fight with another first grader"

Me: "What?! What happened?

Spencer: "Well I accidentally kicked the ball over the fence, then this other kid called me the s- word" (I am hoping that it was stupid). "So I said to him, did you just call me the s-word", and the boy said, yep, so I said to him, "Oh no you didn't", and then I tackled him, and then he tackled me and then I ran as fast as I could to the yard duty, and he had to sit out for the rest of recess.

Me: Trying as hard as I could to not just bust out laughing, said "Spencer you shouldn't tackle kids, even if they call you a bad name"

Spencer: "OK, fine." (and then he was off to play)

The funniest part was the way that he was talking when he said, "Oh no you didn't". It loses its effect when typed, but it was hilarious. So I wasn't sure if I should be proud because he stood up for himself, or upset because it sounds like he tackled some kid he didn't know (I do think it might have been a bad word, because I don't think he would react like that to the word stupid) But then should I be upset because a first grader was saying a bad word? I don't know. I am just going to hope for the best, that it was a minor word, and the tackling was nothing more than playful playground behavior. If I get called in to see the Principal tomorrow though, I guess I will know why. =)!
Hopefully that is the end of any tackling at school!

p.s. Tomorrow is Brooke's first day of Preschool. I will post pictures soon.