Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baseball Anyone?

As many of you know we are deep in the middle of a busy baseball season. All three boys are playing this spring, which has been a little hectic at times, but we have loved it. This is Spencer's first year, and it could not have come soon enough for him. Unfortunately the t-ball division started later and is already over. I guess they think that the typical t-baller would be tired of baseball. Spencer is anything but typical. This kid showed more dedication than any one I know. All we would have to do would wake him up Saturday morning and remind him it was game day and he was up and fully dressed in 2 minutes. Sometimes even hours before his game started. Chase and his field were pretty close so if Chase had a game before him, the moment Spencer saw someone get even close to his field, he would grab his bag and say "okay mom I'm going to my game". He would get to the dugout, hang up his bag, take out his helmet and bat and put them in the proper spot, get his glove on and either sit down on the bench to wait for another player or go out and started playing catch. He could hit the ball into the outfield almost every time, and he could hit great off of the coach pitch. He ran at top speed between bases, and almost never missed sliding into home plate. He was focused on every play and knew where to throw the ball every time. (Now mind you this is t-ball, where there are no outs, no points, and everyone wins), but he knew where the outs would have been. The other day Chad took the boys to the batting cage and Spencer was hitting the ball 45 mph (the same speed as Chase) off the pitching machine. We are hoping that he will be this enthusiastic for everything he does. It was a fun season to watch and we can't wait until next year. Good Job Spencer! Here are a few pictures of this season.