Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So for the fourth time as a mother I am at the "I wanna watch it again" stage. As I write this I think that Brooke is on her fourth time of watching Ok, so not four times all the way through, we have just had it on four times. But she really loves it. And so far it has only been "Cinerella" as she calls it. And I love the fact that it is Cinderella. I love Cinderella and have never once had one of my boys ask to watch it. So finally I get to watch Disney princess movies over and over and over again. Chase's movie was Toy Story. I can't tell you how many times we watched that movie. Dylan's was... (okay now picture me embarrassingly shrugging, cause for some reason I can't remember much of Dylan's early childhood, but I am sure that he had a favorite movie.) And Spencer's was The Incredibles. So it is so fun to finally have singing and dancing and pretty dresses. Funny though today she was watching it and all 3 of my boys plus 2 other boys that were over playing all sat and watched most of it. So maybe the boys will like having a whole new genre of movies to watch.