Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Spencer's birthday was a week ago, but as I am going to try to blog a little more, I didn't want to miss one of the major milestones. Spencer turned 6 last week. Wow! Six years. I can't believe that it has been that long, and then again, it seems like longer than 6 years ago. He was born in Utah, but was only a few months old when we moved to Hawaii. You could always find him because he was the only one with snow white hair. Although he probably won't remember much about it except from pictures, I will always have fond memories of that time because 1. It was Hawaii, and 2. That was where he learned how to crawl, walk, swim, surf...ok maybe not surf, but he was on his way.
Here are some fun facts about Spencer.

*He loves Star Wars
*He loves Legos
*He especially loves Star wars legos.
*He loves little kids, he always has to say hi to all of the kids we watch when he gets home from school.
*He is in Kindergarten
*He has some amazing Guardian angels, they protected him when; He toddled into the middle of a busy road stopping traffic on both sides, he swallowed a penny and it got stuck in his throat for two weeks, he fell into our fish pond, and now that I think about it all happened in Hawaii, oh the memories =) (I wasn't sure if I should write about all those things, it sounds like I was neglectful, but I really wasn't, they just all happened to happen to him, he was and is my most...challenging child)
*He is our little bottle rocket. He has a lot of energy and never stops going.
*He loves to cuddle more than any of our children.
It has been a wonderful six years, we are so lucky to have him in our family. We love you Spencer!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football, Soccer, and Ballet

I realized that I don't have many football pictures on here, even though that sport is a huge part of our lives right now. Somebody has practice every day. Chase is Mon Wed Fri, and Dylan is Mon Tue Thurs. Then they both have games on Saturday. Its a good thing we like football. If nothing else it is keeping my boys in great shape, and they eat and sleep amazingly. Here are a few random pictures of their games. Chase is number 43, and Dylan is 88.

Dylan excited to be playing football

Our cheering squad. We watched almost 3 whole football games in one sitting. Go Broncos!!

Chase contemplating his upcoming game

We went to Rancho Bernardo Highschool this past Friday night for Pop Warner night where all of the kids playing pop warner, walk in front of the stands and then watch a varsity football game. It is a lot of fun.
Chase was watching the "big kids"

Dylan and Chad

On a side note Brooke started a little dance class that our wonderful next door neighbor is doing.
She is a freshman in highschool and loves dancing and kids.
Brooke loves to go to "Danana's house"

Here she is practicing a ballet move I think. I have never danced ballet, and know absolutely nothing about dancing... after 3 boys it is exciting to try something different.

Back to football... Chase waiting to go in.

Chase is the one second from the left blocking.

This is a shot of Chase right before he made an amazing tackle. Of course I didn't get a shot of that. But they had just kicked off the ball, and Chase ran up and pulled the guy to the ground. It was great.

Dylan running through the tunnel the parents create after the game. His team is so far undefeated. They are doing great.

Here is Dylan 2nd from the left, about to block maybe?

Spencer loves putting on the pads. Maybe next year.

Although right now Spencer is not involved in anything outside of school, he did do soccer this summer. Here he is with his "team". It was actually a soccer class, but he did do something. I don't know how I am going to manage 3 boys in something at once, but I am sure that I will find out soon enough.

So that is our football, soccer, and ballet updates. There is so much more, but all I have time for right now. I just discovered this cool thing that you can do. You can actually have your blog published in a soft or hard cover book. So cool. So I am going to try to update more often to have a great journal for our family to enjoy hopefully each year. What a neat thing to be able to journal, have pictures, and get it all printed out into a book. Technology is so amazing sometimes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Treat!

Last Friday was my birthday, and Chad took me to the beach to eat dinner and watch the sunset. We had a great time! It is a whole new experience going to the beach with out kids. We even got to see a family of dolphins swimming by. We are so lucky to live 20 minutes from a view like this...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wow, look at me. I have just done three posts in less than one week. That's more than I have done in the past 5 months. I finally got a new camera, so now I can put up pictures that are decent. It is really fun to have a camera that can zoom, and change lighting and stuff, instead of the camera on the phone. So prepare to see a lot more pictures. (unless the newness of a new camera wears off, and I get back into the habit of not posting anything for months). I also decided to update my blog. The pictures I have on the side are like 2 years old, and although I love the theme (it matches my family room) it is time for a change. So hopefully soon I can find a background that I like...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

We had a great first day of school! The boys all got great teachers, and they are very happy. Chase was very excited about the things that he will get to do as a fifth grader. Dylan had a very organized binder that he came home with, and Spencer was very happy that his teachers name is very piraty...Picture him saying in the most pirate voice Mrs. Scuuuuuuuur. And the kids had to keep reminding her that was her name because she just got married 5 days ago. All in all a very successful first day of school. And on the way home Chase said, "hey tomorrow is Friday". I guess there are some good things about starting on a Thursday.

You can see Brooke walking in behind Spencer. The only picture I got of her today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Pictures

So here are some pictures from our summer. They are all pretty random, but fun anyway.

Eating otter pops in the backyard on a warm summer day...

Hanging out with the Wicked Witch...

Brooke's 3rd birthday with a few of her princess friends...

Playing at a local splash park with friends...

Dylan's latest pose with his new football gear on...

Brooke and Spencer in a rare hug...

Brooke just being usual...

Chase and Dylan in an even rarer hug...notice the lack of actual physical contact...

A car that Chad and I saw on our date was just too funny to not take a picture, I mean really, who still drives these kind of cars?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow, so it has been like 3 months since I last posted. We have had a super busy summer already. I currently don't have a camera, just the one on my phone which actually takes somewhat decent pictures. So I haven't really been taking many pictures.

Since the last post we have finished baseball, finished school, had my dad and wife and kids visit, have my mom and sister and her baby visit, gone to disneyland, planned a baptism, gone camping, been to the beach at least once a week, done swim lessons, had Brooke's birthday, celebrated 4th of July, and in the meantime we have been super busy with watching kids. So needless to say we have had a lot going on. But it has been a fun summer, and it has been super fun visiting with family. I will try to post more often, and hopefully soon I can post more pictures too. Here is one with Brooke and her uncle...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What we've been up to

These pictures show what we have been busy with lately. The backyard used to be all cactus and rocks, and now we have beautiful grass. This was a great family project, the boys (and Brooke) helped a lot. It was really fun to see the boys having such a great time. They mostly loved the digging, the dirt, and the trips to the dump. Chad has been working so hard on this project, and now that the grass is all in he is building the fence. Yay! The backyard looks great, and I can't wait till the grass can be walked on (they said to wait 3-4 weeks, I don't think that little feet count do you?) Thank you Chad!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock, paper, scissors

So it has been very long since I have posted. It is like the longer I wait the harder it is to write. We have been quite busy with Baseball, both of the older boys are playing and having a great time. My camera has officially broken, so the only pictures are from my phone, but I will post some later. But the real reason why I just had to post...

So today on the way to baseball Dylan started a conversation with me. I love his conversations, they are actually quite insightful. Here is how it went from where I started listening,

Dylan:(talking to Spencer) so we are all Layne's except mom, she is a Jordan (my maiden name)
Me: No, I am a Layne now too
Dylan: Well, I guess. So when two people get married, whose name do they use, is it the mans?
Me: Yes, the wife changes her last name to the husbands.
Dylan: (after a few minutes of thinking) So if there was no prop 8 would they just do rock paper scissors to decide whose last name they would use?
Me: (trying not to laugh) I don't know, that is a good question Dylan. I'm not sure how that would work. (Seriously, how does an 8 year old think of questions like that?)

I can't wait for the questions he asks as a teenager =)!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yo Ho, a pirates life for me

I'm not sure what the boys are doing here, but it looks dramatic. I think they have seen one too many pirate movies. Maybe Spencer has a future as an actor. Notice how realistically he draped himself over the treasure box. Maybe that could be our backup plan for income, have our children become child actors and then use their money.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

We went to Disneyland for two days this week since the boys are out of school. This is who Brooke got to see...Cinderella!

A friend of mine who also has 3 boys and then a girl was with us, and the two girls had so much fun seeing the princesses. We had to stand in line for over 45 minutes to see the princesses. What we won't do for our girls. By the way, this was the longest wait we had all day.Posing with the princess hats that they wished their moms would buy them.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...Brooke loved looking in the mirror with the princess hat on.

And a big surprise...Brooke was actually tall enough to ride on the Matterhorn. We couldn't believe it. She had her hands up the whole time.

Chad was mid-cough when I took this so he looks kind of funny, and they took off too fast to get another picture. Brooke was so excited to go on a "big kid ride".

The kids had so much fun with their friends that happened to be there on the same day. Our kids are all pretty much the same ages so they all have a buddy. The girls are the farthest apart at 2 and 3 years old. It's great. Yes, the boy in the middle is about to cry. The 6 boys squished together a little too hard.

Why is it so hard to get all 4 kids looking at the same time. Oh well...

This was Spencer as he went to go hug Goofy. Goofy turned around right as he was coming up to him, and then he was playing with Spencer and then put his shirt over his head, it was pretty funny.

As usual we had a great time playing at Disneyland with the family. One good thing about Chad being out of work is that he can spend all this time with us, and especially when it is at Disneyland.

p.s. The quote of the week was made by Chase on this trip. It went something like this...We were eating breakfast at Denny's before we went into Disneyland and Chad said that he had gotten an email about a job fair that he should go to the next day. After we were talking about it for a few minutes Chase said this "So dad this is for people that are jobless" and Chad said yeah, then Chase thought about it for a few minutes and then asked "So people that don't have jobs just go and play games? What kind of games do you play?" We were laughing so hard. Get it? He thought it was like a fair where you play carnival games. Hilarious.