Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How I can tell my baby isn't a baby anymore.

I found her like this the other day
She was actually hiding under a blanket and trying to open a piece of candy.
Her prized piece of candy. A huge suckerHow she reacted when I took it away.
Yep, the days of hiding things from mommy have begun. I just can't believe that she is actually old enough to think of that. How did she grow up so fast? And just so you know, I didn't give in right away. Later in the day she found it again, and I just couldn't take it away the second time. Fortunately she didn't even really like it, so she didn't eat it for long. I can't wait till all of the halloween candy is gone (but I can only eat so much each night =).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

This Halloween we had a great time. Our next door neighbors had a portable fire pit in their front driveway and we roasted hot dogs, and had chili and goodies. We all ate dinner and then the dads took the kids trick or treating while the moms stayed and hung out at the fire pit. It was lots of fun. The kids came back with way too much candy, but it was a good night. Chase was a football player, Dylan was a clone trooper, Spencer was Obi one Kenobi (is that how it is spelled?) and Brooke was a princess at our school fall festival but decided to wear the pumpkin costume on Halloween. I actually forgot to get a picture of them all standing together since we all kind of congregated next door at different times, but this one actually has them all in one photo.

Who would have guessed a Jedi's favorite food was a hot dog?

Dylan in one of his more contemplative moods (probably planning his attack on the Jedi)

Chase sitting on the rock Ghost.

Brooke trick-or-treating. She loved it.

A rare photo of myself roasting a hot dog. In case you couldn't tell, I was a cowgirl.

Brooke looking cute earlier in the day

All in all it was a fun filled day. The kids didn't have school the next day so it was even better. And we had so much fun hanging out with our neighbors and friends. It is too bad that we can't all just slow down a little bit and gather around a fire every night. Oh well, at least we have Halloween.