Sunday, November 8, 2015

And another year goes by

I just got back onto this blog, I actually couldn't remember my sign in name for the longest time.  But I realized that I needed to hurry up and post before 2015 is over, so I could have one post from this year.  I may try revamping and doing something different, since this seems kind of like a lost art, and especially with things like instagram, but I might do it differently and make it like a scrapbook for our family.  I don't know.  Anyway, it seems like most people that I have on my feed haven't posted for like 2 years, so we will see what happens with the blog.

My mini-me

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another year goes by

I just looked at my blog again, and wow, how did the time go by so quick.  I read some old posts, and realized how fun it was to see my life years ago.  See, I did do some journaling.  I have been thinking lately that I should really be journaling things, but then I remembered that I did.  Now the key is to just stay up on it.  Plus Spencer's phone got locked out, so I was trying to remember an old google account, and then remembered my blog account was different than the one I use now, so I had to look here to jog my memory.  Anyway, maybe I will try to keep up with the blog. :) Even if it is just for me.
Oh yeah, and this big boy just turned 14!  I took him out to dinner, and it was pretty funny since all he could talk about was how cute our waitress was.  Haha
And since I am focusing on Dylan today, he made Honor Roll for the first time this year!  Yay, go Dylan.

Ok, and I just looked at the last post again, it was actually almost 2 years ago..*sigh*

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Year

So, just happened to check on this blog, and saw that it was exactly one year ago since I last posted.  So I figured I would post again to make it a once a year tradition on March 14th.  Haha, just kidding.  But I almost forgot how to sign in to this blog, and the look is totally different.  Oh well, I guess I will try to post more, but with facebook and instagram, I feel like I already spend too much of my time on these kinds of things.  Oh well, maybe I will try something new on here.  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Lights and Red Lights

I seem to be in my car a good portion of the day it seems like, and I have realized that there is something fishy going on. Every single time I am running late, I have to stop at each red light. And I just get later and later. But the times when I have extra time, and I want to stop at the lights to eat something, like cereal or a salad, I never have to stop or the light turns green right away. Why is that?

On a different topic, I saw Dylan's teacher at Costco tonight, and she commented on how well he has been doing in school. With a week like last week, it was nice to hear something nice about one of my kids. (and then tonight, he actually spent a good deal of time memorizing his poem for there hope that he might actually be responsible?)

Finally, there is this girl in Spencer's class that he really likes. Well, today after school another girl came up to him and said that the other girl just likes him as a friend. I know he was trying to act like it didn't matter, but he talks about her all the time, and I could just feel his heart breaking. Not that I am encouraging any kind of romance for 8 year olds by any means, but...I felt sad for him. I am sure only the beginning of heart aches to come. I am totally not ready for these kind of things.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


October, that is the last time I have blogged. I just don't think I am cut out for this blogging stuff. It seems like every other time I blog, I say how it has been so long since I have blogged. Well, I got tired of seeing the same post every time that I went to look at my blog list of other bloggers, so I figured that I should write something. I can't put pictures on, because they are on my phone, and our computer has major problems so I pulled out our old old laptop that is missing half the keys and only has like 4 gig left of space. Which used to be a lot, but now you download two programs and there goes any empty space. So needless to say I can get online, but I can't do anything too fancy.

For those that I don't regularly talk to, here are some highlights of the last few months.

-All 3 boys just ended Basketball. I love this sport because there is one practice, (which they all happened to be on Friday Afternoons) and one 1 hour game. Lovely.
-Brooke took a tap class and had a little performance in December.
-The Holidays were great, and we got a visit from Grammy
-Spencer just started Baseball, and is loving it.
-Brooke just started gymnastics and loves it!
-I am still loving being the Primary President. It brings joy and goodness into my life.
-I have two official boy scouts, one cub scout, and one daisy scout. And Chad is the Boy Scout Commitee Chair (I think that is the title). Anyway, we definitely have a lot of scouting going on over here.
-I am still teaching preschool to the sweetest little group of kids I have ever had. They really are the best behaved kids. And they are adorable.
-Chad is still working out of town every week at Chevron. He loves this job! We miss seeing him every night, but he usually doesn't work on Fridays so it is good to have him around an extra day each week.
-I have fallen in love with Pinterest. What a wonderful place to get the best ideas!
-My brother Dan and his wife just had their third baby!
-My sister Ariel is due in a little over a month with a little boy!
-My sister in law Britty is expecting pretty soon also!
(wow, all this talk of babies is making me jealous)

So there are some updates. Life is busy but really good. I have had my share of challenges lately, but with good friends and the gospel in my life, I feel like I have been able to keep things in perspective and keep on going. I know that things happen for a reason, even if it is to just teach us to have empathy when others are going through the same thing, but sometimes we learn the most by going through challenges.

p.s. The picture above is where I wish I was right now...just for a couple of days. On second thought maybe more like a month.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good, Better, Best

I have always loved the talk by President Dallin H. Oaks about good, better, best. But didn't until today realize how I could apply it to myself. For the past several years, I think that I have been in survival mode. Running a day care was a lot of fun, but it took all of my time. I started at 6:30 am and didn't finish until 5 or 5:30 every day. When I had kids here that I was watching, I had to completely focus on them. My kids were here too, so it was great that I was always with them. But I rarely if ever got a free moment. Ok once or twice a day I was alone in the bathroom. =) Even when all my kids were little it wasn't as time consuming, because I could put them down for a nap, or turn on a movie, and take a break here and there. It was a full-time job that was done at home. Not to mention my own kids. Now luckily I had Chad here to help, and then I even had my sister helping, which was great. But even with both of them, I was almost always "on"

Then last year after my sister got married and Chad started working up in Los Angeles I was really flying solo. Which is why I decided to stop doing full time daycare and just do three days of 3 hour preschool. I abosuletely love it. The kids are awesome and I can't imagine doing anything else. Mondays and Fridays I don't have any set commitments except that I volunteer at the school on Fridays, but Mondays are almost completely free.

And thus we get to the point of my post. Today after the kids left preschool I had 2 hours until my kids came home from school. Because Mondays are mostly free, I get pretty much caught up with cleaning and laundry, with not too much left during the week. So as I sat here I almost couldn't decide what to do. The thought process was this, "well, I could wash the few dishes in the sink, or fold the two loads of laundry that's left, or I could just play the piano, or maybe I should take a nap." (playing the piano won). And thus the thought of the talk came into mind. "so this is what he meant about how we spend our time doing the best things, even if the other things are good. Because for the first time in a while I felt like I didn't absolutely have to do anything. When things are mostly caught up there isn't the same pressure to just keep plugging away at everything that "needs" to get done. Now don't get me wrong, the dishes piled up after the kids came home, and the family room is a mess again, and darn it if those kids didn't wear enough clothes today to make up 2 more loads of laundry. But the point is, I now feel like I can spend my time doing the best things. Like just holding Brooke tonight as she fell asleep watching Monster's Inc. Or talking to Dylan about things that happened at school. Or reading out loud to Spencer last week when he stayed home from school.

But most of all I feel like I can enjoy the most important thing in family.

p.s. I should have figured this out and enjoyed the best things even when life was hectic, but as usual it took going through it and looking back to see how I could have done things differently.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

8 months and 2 weeks

Brooke at the Temple

Brooke's Halloween Costume

Chase on his field trip to the Renaisance Fair. Standing next to a Knight.

Dylan at his field trip to Biz Town as the UPS Sales Manager.

That's how long it has been since I have posted on my blog. And I have finally found some time to write again. As most of you know, life has been a little crazy for the last, well, probably year or so. What with unemployment, full-time day care, sister getting married, sister moving away =( ,new job, a move down the street, the stress that comes with moving, and getting settled, especially with less space, (good excuse to get rid of stuff). So yes, with all of that going on, I just couldn't find a spare moment to write about it. But I am back, and hopefully for good. I have realized that although most of my friends here know what's going on in our lives , my family and friends that live far away do not, so I want to try to put pictures and videos on here more often so they can also see what we are up to. Also, as I was looking at pictures from just one year ago, I realize how much my kids have changed in that year. I feel sad that our families are missing it, so I want to do my part to help them see it. So here goes...Hopefully this will be the start of a new thing. =)

ok, so I can't move the text to the top, every time I highlight the words to move them the computer freezes for like 2 minutes. So this is what you get. It isn't pretty but it's here. =)